Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Able McLaughlins - Winner, Novel, 1924

The Able McLaughlins
By: Margaret Wilson
Harper, 1923

It is so easy for me to get bogged down in many of these books that require so much thinking. I have learned so much from the heavier books, but I often find myself looking forward to the novel that won each year. I know that for at least a week or two I will be able to relax. The Able McLauglins was, for me, a welcome respite. I could just sit back and read.

The story centers around a Scottish family in the Midwest during the late 1800s. It focuses mainly on the oldest son, Wully, who is a Civil War soldier returned from battle. We see him become a man as he woos his wife, builds his home, faces great heartache and pride, and, ultimately, triumphs over the great foe of his life.

I continue to enjoy the novels that take place in the Midwest. Until now the stories have mostly been about the developing cities of the Midwest. It was interesting to read a story focusing on the life of farmers on the plains. We often forget what the early pioneers had to endure. It is also interesting to see that many of the interpersonal problems that they dealt with are the same as problems we have today. Definitely an interesting and easy read.


Ashley Cook said...

This one sounds like one I might actually read!

AK said...

I recommend it. It's an easy read.

RC said...

huh? i've never heard of this one before.

i'm glad you liked it.

do you ever read these books and imagine how the story lines would be different if the characters had cell phones?

AK said...

I actually had a little trouble finding it. Interlibrary loan is my favorite.